We look forward to seeing you multi media, paintings, drawings, and artworks. This form is only for visual artists, and NOT for DIY creative’s submissions, or Street & Graffiti public art submissions.
All images, writings, recordings submitted may NOT use profanity, degrade any race, gender, age or group as such statements and or images are a hate crime, and federally open to prosecution.
Visual Artist(s), by submitting digital photographs of original artworks using the make peace symbol are allowing us to sell, and exhibit digital media copies of the submitted artworks in all media, publishing rights and physical forms, while the Visual Artist(s) retains artist’ rights to the original image artwork, with 30 percent of any sale of that individual original artwork alone (NO reproduction rights are extended to any artwork using the make peace symbol) to be paid to Make Peace movements directly, for use of it’s copyrighted and trade marked symbol.
You the artist are just allowed the sale of the ONE original “Make Peace symbol artwork that YOU have submitted to the Make Peace movement only. If you supply more than one make peace symbol usage artwork, then each is a single original artwork sale for you alone, with a total of the number submitted only. Example: Five original artworks submitted, five sales only of those original artworks alone are allowed by you. No reproduction rights in any form or way are allowed without written agreement.
Visual Artist(s) are permitted a one time sale of each art work submitted, with 30 percent of total sale price to be paid to Make Peace movement publications. An example would be you a visual artist submit 10 (ten artworks) this would then ONLY allow you to sell each submitted artwork ONCE and only once and that would be ten individual sales of ten individual artworks only.
Visual Artist(s) MAY NOT create additional “original artworks” using the Make Peace Symbol, unless each has been submitted to Make Peace movement publications first and is on file with us. This applies to any original artworks which Visual Artist(s) may sell or seek to sell which use the Make Peace symbol.
Photographic and or use in any other media, for reproduction is denied fully without written consent from Make Peace Movement publications.
If you the artist are commissioned to do a make peace artwork using the symbol, the commission fee is yours, provided you get written permission for us by us. Your commission, you get to keep the full fee, provided written consent for use is gained.
No rights to manufacture merchandise, prints, posters, or reproductions rights of any kind in any media are granted to Visual Artist(s) may post images only on a website portfolio that exclusively represents and is owned by you.
NO reproduction rights are are being issued or given to any Visual Artist(s), this applies to any media forms, prints, poster, merchandising etc. This also applies to any art work using the copyrighted and trademark Make Peace symbol in any way or form without written permission of creator and Make peace Movement. Any publications or exhibitions of the Make Pace symbol in any Visual Artist(s) artworks, MUST include acknowledgement to Make Peace movement and website address: No direct link back to this website is required.
Visual Artist(s) are permitted to place “original artworks” in exhibitions and or galleries for sale, once they have obtained written permission from Make Peace movement publications. Visual Artist(s) shall be solely responsible for paying 30 percent of Visual Artist(s) fees or sales from gallery or exhibition use of symbol. Make peace movement publishing shall ONLY take a percentage of Visual artist(s) percentage and not with gallery or exhibition venue or vendors. Percentage to be paid only by and Visual artist.

MAKE PEACE BOOKS are being published by Make Peace Movement Press formed publisher of N.Y. Image Magazine publisher, a 72 page full news feature magazine distributed throughout the New York City, Tri state area, and listed in Ulrichs guide for American magazine publishing.