Creativity takes all form and knows no bounds. Recently We were contacted by someone who wanted to use the make peace symbol in a “Field artwork” to be make on a huge scale across large fields on his tractor dragging a crop mower. We were over joyed and completely lent our support to this effort. But this is just one of hundreds of such DIY creative efforts, from animations by a 14 year old boy in New York City, cookies, razor hair cuts in powerful street styles, painted on finger nails to become nail art, Tattoo designs and tattoos and so many more forms, many we have yet to even comprehend, but we know they are out there.
So let your best creative energies create something, photograph it, or video your process of creating it. Let your imagination soar and feel the world’s peoples needs, make peace will be right with you. So much is already possible:
Nobel Prize nominated Art & Poetry Peace project:SUBMITghostsPOETRY


It was a procession of ghosts
in an instant all clothing burned off
hands,faces,and breasts swelled.

The purple blisters on their skin
were soon burst and peeled off
hanging down like pieces of rags.

With hands lifted half up,
they were ghosts in procession.
Dragging their ragged skin behind them
they fell down moaning in heaps
and died one after another.

At center of explosion,
the temperature reached six thousand degrees.
A human shadow remain
on a stone step nearby.
Could a body vaporize?
Did it blow away? There is no one to tell what it was like
at that moment
at the center.

Burned charred faces,
no one could tell one from another.
Voices weakened,
they told their names
but even then were unrecognized.

An infant with innocent face and delicate skin
lay asleep
Was it saved in it’s mother’s tender breast?
Oh, that even this one babe will awake
to rise up again
The Hiroshima Panels I “GHOSTS” (1950, 1.8m×7.2m)

Each submissions page has different requirements, for example image artworks submissions, poetry, short stories word length not to exceed 5000 words, and DIY creative make peace works. By going to each specific page in the drop down menu under submissions, you will find a form which allows you to submit your works by cutting and pasting text, and by supplying a image or sound link URL for us to see or listen to.
All images, writings, recordings submitted may NOT use profanity, degrade any race, gender, age or group as such statements and or images are a hate crime, and federally open to prosecution.
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Considering the growth of the Make Peace movement now and over time these books will reach a vast global audience, so selection of your best and bold works, are what we seek.
Due to the huge volume of positive submissions, all works and hopefully your best, must address the central issue or theme of Making Peace, the process, the result, the nature of. No submission for short stories or poems may exceed 5000 words in exact word count, or YOU will be automatically DELETED, thank you.

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