We are looking forward to your most wise and insightful Poetry, simple and humorous, daring and explorative, poems, from poets of all ages, and countries. Due to the huge volume of positive submissions, all works and hopefully your best, must address the central issue or theme of Making Peace, the process, the result, the nature of.
No submission for short stories or poems may exceed 5000 words in exact word count, or YOU will be automatically DELETED, thank you. All submission of poetry and short stories must use our direct on this site form, any submissions made through Facebook will be DELETED.
We are working with YOU in the spirit of FAIRNESS, to both you and us, so please be reasonable and work with and help us, build our shared mutual global success together.
All images, writings, recordings submitted may NOT use profanity, degrade any race, gender, age or group as such statements and or images are a hate crime, and federally open to prosecution.
ALL literary writings submitted are being donated for the express purpose of publication and for funding raising initiatives. in the publishing of Make Peace books, web sites, social media pages exclusively. Author(s) waive all monetary concerns in submitting literary works.
ALL Author(s) retain full rights over their original literary works submitted. They may after six months from publication date in any of the Make Peace Literary collections and or anthologies their literary works appear in, republish their works with other publishers, but require acknowledgement of “first published in Make Peace collection (number, date year of specific collection, etc).
IF the literary work being submitted has been previously published, then the same terms of gift donation to the Make Peace movement is being made, as listed above apply, except that we will acknowledge your prior published date and publisher.
The Author(s) of previously submitted literary works in any form, therefore waives any and all rights to royalties from any all Make Peace publications in any media, or any form of payment from any books in any media Make Peace movement publishes or has published.
IN others words Author(s) literary works are a “gift donation” to the Make Peace movement, allowing it to use the submitted literary works in it’s publications, it’s own web and social media sites, and to republish your works with other publishing companies. In exchange to agreeing to all terms and conditions listed, we offer said Author(s), global, long term exposure, which promotes you through your works appearing in our publications.
SHOULD any Author(s) literary submission, find it is requested by another publisher or media organization, or company and exclusively for the purpose of News and or promotional value ONLY, Make Peace Movement publications are free to submit to that or any publishing or media company for re-publishing. Thus expanding Author(s) exposure without written consent or permission.
IN the case that any publishing or media company wishes a specific work for publication in one of their publications, Make Peace waives all right to any “first publication royalties, upon republishing of literary works”. In other words, if your literary work finds another publisher who wants to republish your work, we as first publisher, will NOT take any royalties, or fees, only acknowledgement of fist publication.
Make Pace Movement publications is NOT responsible for any plagiarism used in any literary work submitted to it, this is the sole legal responsibility of it’s Author(s) and all legal pursuant claims and costs are solely the Author(s) responsibility.
Make Peace Movement is not responsible for the promotion of any Author(s) or literary career or materials submitted except as a included artwork in any book or music CD collection it produces and promotes as a collection of music and or artworks.
FINALLY: upon submission of any Literary work author(s) shall release Make Peace movement publications from any and all claims to royalties, fee, payments or legal action and or responsibility for publishing submitted literary works, that Author(s) may claim.
Any publication must provide acknowledgement of the Make Peace symbol movement and website address: www.makepeaceday.org.

MAKE PEACE BOOKS are being published by Make Peace Movement Press formed publisher of N.Y. Image Magazine publisher, a 72 page full news feature magazine distributed throughout the New York City, Tri state area, and listed in Ulrichs guide for American magazine publishing.