Make Peace Day is entering it’s second year, but how did it start, and when is it. Make Peace Day Officially takes place on the first Saturday after Spring Equinox (First day of spring) in March of each year. If the First day of Spring should fall on a Saturday, then that will be the day for that year for the events. It was suggested by followers that this approach to a day following a major seasonal change be taken, in order to fall on a weekend Saturday when many more can easily come together to celebrate and reflect on making peace.
The First Make Peace Day took place on March, 22, 2012, with events in seven U.S. cities, New York City, Battery Park, New Orleans, New Orleans Museum of Art park, Louisiana, Santa Fe downtown, New Mexico, Boulder Creek downtown, California, Chicago, Lincoln park, Illinois, Austin, downtown center, Texas, Mountain View at City Park, Arkansas, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Events ranged from picnics, to classes in how to Make Peace, and as a day for peace and urban activists to plan further peace related actions in their cities. One such activist trend is the organization of a Make Peace park campaign, to take a under utilized and often empty park or lot of land and turn it into a “Make Peace peoples park”. In some cases, these activists are now also looking into arts funding for a make peace sculpture to be installed in their new “reclaimed” public parks.
We have a complete easy ten step activist campaign plan on the activist resources page, should YOU wish to start a make peace park or days events schedule.
Already school Mural project have taken place and can be seen on our Teachers lesson plan page. Future events will also include “Teacher planning lessons for all grades” in a hour or two on a regular school day and instruct children to “Make Peace, and develop conflict resolution skills”.
Because Music plays is a big part in all these events, Make Peace Music Festivals are planned for the second 2014 Make Peace day events world wide.
MAKE PEACE 2014 – March 23, 2014
START AN EVENT & ADD YOUR: city, town or location, thus joining in one of the many ways YOU can GIVE.