Why is it that the number one way for those in Power to display it is to waste resources, people, land, urban lots, leaving them empty, in decay, stripping surrounding communities of any dignity?



Have YOU ever thought of transforming a empty decaying lot in your city into a Make peace park?
Activists in cities and countries all over the world are proposing to reclaim under utilized urban areas, often in poverty and high crime areas, to turn these empty lots of land into Make Peace Parks and to get a Make Peace sculpture to stand as a symbolic reminder to all, of one daily effort & purpose that builds their community.
Using resources often at the town, city, state and national levels, along with community unity campaigns, followed by local and state level publicity campaigns, they are in future capable of achieving success’ which transform “waste” into hope and renewal.
We have put together a basic and simple ten easy steps, guide for anyone, anywhere to use in order to bring together all the elements of a successful park community campaign. Your desire & determination to make a difference will transform your city, elevating it’s image into one with: long lasting, positive global community values, for generations to come. This is but one way YOU can help build a lasting localized grassroots effort. Become a local community activist now!