The Make Peace symbol was created by Artist and large scale public art sculptor Paul-Felix Montez in mid 2012. It addresses his on going artwork in icons, and symbols and how we live with them, see them, and redefine them. Initially he conceived of them as large scale sculptures drawn from the very symbol itself. These Make Peace sculptures would then help activist groups to transform empty, under utilized public spaces and lots into make peace parks, or people’s parks.
Along with these Make Peace parks and sculptures were early efforts to raise awareness of the roles we all play in peace making. One such project was “Percent for Peace” advocating a percentage of profits from companies that give to peace making efforts in any way and therefore earn an acknowledgement of that fact. We plan on returning to this effort at a later date or joining in similar efforts.


PERCENT for PEACE Peacemakers from Vimeo.
From the beginning we explored, working towards our goal of a world unifying symbol of meaning.. Once placed on the internet, the symbol and idea, attracted, social media experts, tens of thousands of followers, and all advocating the First Make Peace day event in 2013. From there thousands of street and graffiti artists viewing Mr. Montez’s make peace designs and sculptures, began submitting their own. Exhibitions are now in the planning stage for many cities, as well as art books, showcasing the amazing range of art and creative ideas possible.
ChinaAs the numbers grew across a vast range of social media websites to over 20,000 online followers in every country, these followers demanded that is was time to stop calling this a project and declare it a global movement. As a movement, Mr. Montez, began with internet Flags of all nations Memes, (picture or image to spread on internet where the make peace symbol has been superimposed on all 238 nation & territory flags in the world and distributed all over the internet, to form a astonishing visual unity based on national pride and it’s connection to a higher ideal of peace making.
This gave birth to the what every world movement needs a Flag,. Once the Make Peace flag premiered online, request by protestors world wide came in, and FREE make peace flags were sent to them in exchange for photos and video clips. One of the first was Egypt and photographs of Syrian refugee children smiling and holding the flag which went up online. Full gallery of all 234 nations flags here, or click image.
Now as country after country joins in everywhere waving flags and sending in video and photographs, the Make Peace project can truthfully claim “it is everywhere in the world, in very language and growing”. Individuals contacted through Facebook, are receiving flags, and sending photos & video back while posting in their own native languages. The truly amazing part of this whole Make Peace project, is of how adaptable the Flag is to both local, and national issues demanding moderation as well as international “cause” message building. For additional insights into the creative process of the Make Peace symbol and project go to the published interviews page.
But as you explore this website, you will see how many different methods and forms, art, books, humor and people now are spreading the Make Peace movement world wide, and offering great insights into making peace. We ALSO have great web tools for webmasters and FACBOOK page covers for your pages to promote the Make Peace Movement. Hopefully YOU will JOIN US and HELP.