Global Flag



One of the first images from our sending out FREE Make Peace Flags to protest groups in countries world wide. was one from Egypt, showing Syrian refugee children, smiling, giving the peace sign & proudly holding up the Make Peace Flag, in a “safe zone”, away from the horrific violence of Cairo 2013, that has claimed the lives of thousands.
The only boy in the photo even stated: “I saw this on the internet already”.
Children now homeless refugees as war rages in their homeland, Syria, were able to find a moment to smile, and shared hope for their future, while being refugees in another violent overthrow of governments. How is it possible for them to find peace and joy for a even a moment, together?
Nineteen, 19 out of 234 countries and territories world wide have individuals using the Make Peace flag and sending back to us by email, photos and videos of it in use, while posting in their own native language and countries websites. In the near future we will be present in many of the peaceful protests around the world, as a added visual message and voice for freedom and equality, everywhere.
We connected and found individuals out of our over 20,000 social media followers online, who would follow through on this, and then shipped them FREE Make Peace Flags. Certainly we have a long way to go, if you include additional major protest and human rights groups such as: Occupy, Femens (Women’s rights), Pussy Riot (Russian free speech and rights) and others. All are struggling for the same basics. Could it be, that we are all becoming “One World”?
A moment of OUR TRANSPARENCY: Each country costs to make and ship FREE Make Peace flags to: One hundred U.S, dollars, and your donations and purchases are what fund this major first distribution and spread for the world’s grassroots recognition of this new symbol.
Already Patron donations totaling $1900.00 U.S. dollars have been made towards this effort, but the results as you can see are extraordinary. Also professional and amateur photographers have captured a vast range of deeply moving images, with a profound insight into the way we see our world and the people in it, with much more to come. How far can peace making spread when helped? Could it be we are “One World”?