Ever think of transforming a empty lot in your city into a Make peace park?
Activists in cities and countries all over the world have begun proposals for, reclaiming under utilized, urban areas, often in poverty and high crime areas, to turn these empty lots of land into Make Peace Parks and to get a Make Peace sculpture to stand as a symbolic reminder to all.
Using resources often at the town, city, state and national levels, along with community unity campaigns, followed by local and state level publicity campaigns, they are achieving success’ which transform “waste” into hope and renewal. We have put together a basic and simple guide for anyone, anywhere to use in order to bring together all the elements of a successful campaign. Just ten basic steps and the desire & determination to make a difference and not only transform but elevate your city’s image to one with: long lasting, positive, global community values, for generations to come. This is but one way YOU can help build a lasting localized grassroots effort. Also YOU and your main activist team with have your names embossed into a stainless steel commemorative plaque, mounted at the foot of the Make Peace sculpture, forever!

We offer ten (10) simple, easy steps, with full support for your campaign and fund raising drive for a make Peace park in your community, or anywhere in the world, small town or big city.
The entire process to success can be started by one person and take six months total depending on your drive’s success. We will support your effort, with our Facebook and dozens more social media marketing, publicity experts ready to promote your city or town world wide and your efforts.
We will help contact major state,and city officials, provide and send out press releases, and more for YOU. Then when you contact these people as a second time, they will already know of your efforts, and be able to help you with matching funds to complete your drive and success faster. With the large numbers of people from you community behind YOU other methods will also be used such as petitions. But to build your community support a short of list of basic elements will be available:
Plus strong visual posters and marketing tools, everywhere. Plus YOUR own location’s volunteers social media marketing effort. Plus Our social media marketing effort to support YOU to 3 million people world wide. Plus Full email letter writing effort to all city, town, state officials for you,and then followed up by you. Plus Professional PRESS RELEASES, you and we send out world wide.
How can any politician (s) resist such a strong, clear, simple, easy, true community effort & purpose? Especially one of the highest ideals, and life purposes possible for us all, to Make Peace.
Read over the simple steps, you’ll see how easy it all is:


First, you decide “How important is peace and unity for your community”? Why ask yourself this in depth of yourself, because then you will be able to communicate your answers and reasons for doing this special project to others clearly. Then you have a choice of starter kits, decal stickers and bumper sticker packages of 200 each, these kits cost 100 dollars U.S. and that is a total of 400 decals and stickers. Sell them for 10 to 15 dollars each, and then buy poster and tee shirt packages starting at 400 U.S. dollars each. YOU can build it up step by step. Expand and add more people stage by stage, group by group in your city and at each stage REORDER more fund raising tee shirts, posters, stickers as you run out. Then YOU will select three places for the Make PEACE sculpture to go, city hall, a park, office park , public places owned by the city or town you live in? That completes step one.


Then you sell posters to local business’, starting at $50 dollar each and ask for more and give them the reason, tell them 500 dollars or even a thousand would be better towards the cause, and the average donation you are asking for the project. You then place starter posters in all the Colleges, and highs schools, asking for “volunteers”. That completes step two.


We will send out the first “round” of press releases to: high school, community newspapers, college newspapers, city and state newspapers and then let you know once this is done. That completes step three.


You will contact all city, town, community state people city etc. we will supply all the email addresses from our research media marketing effort before you, to make it easy and simple for you to do this in one hours time. We will also custom format your email and send that written out in an email to you to “copy, paste, send”. Then YOU contact, your Mayor, state Governor, state arts commissioner, city arts commission and city council announcing that you have started your Make Peace project fund raising drive. You will also inform them that you have selected a number of possible locations for the Make PEACE sculpture and if they could help you with finalizing the selection of a site, as you wish to set a “unveiling event” date and time for the whole community to attend in a peaceful community unity day event. Here is the simple form letter you send to all of these people, whom you find on your state government site, city site etc.
Dear, Mayor, Governor, City Council member, Arts commissioner (each as it applies) My (Your Name or Group’s name) have started a fund raising drive to build and locate a “Make Peace Sculpture” in the (name of your town, city community), at the following three locations: (Location site for sculpture number one) (Location site for sculpture number two) (Location site for sculpture number three) We are seeking “Arts and community project” related funding and or matching funds to our own community fund raising drive. We are putting out press releases and using extensive social media marketing to over 3 million people world wide, and consider this a great (state) and (City) image building effort, as well as community “Unity” effort and hope you will fully support us. Please contact us soon as we are well under way in our drive. Yours, (Your name and contact information) That completes step four.


You will start your “TEAM BUILDING” getting people to follow up run and lead in certain efforts: People can volunteer for a number of teams: One team for high schools One team for churches and religious groups, all of them. One team for colleges One team for doctors and dentists offices One team for going to all small business’ One team for door to door One team for social media marketing One team for city officials email sending follow ups to your contacting them again. That completes step five.


We will also send YOU a second email: “PRESS RELEASE: for immediate release” which announces in a standard press kit you email to all high school, community newspapers, college newspapers, city and state newspapers. We will supply all the links or web pages to these also. That completes step six.


Social media marketing teams, made up of high school and college age people, but this is for everyone in your community to promote using the web and social media. Send out the word. That completes step seven.


Our social media marketing effort to over 3 million now, and growing people world wide in 21 languages and on Twitter, Facebook, etc, That completes step eight.


Matching funds from town, city, art commission, state? Now is the time to finalize getting the funds to complete your drive from various government agencies and sectors. That completes step nine.


Purchase of sculpture, installation, then three months from fully paid for the sculpture would be fully installed, engineered and built. This gives you time also to plan a “media” unveiling day, for all who helped make peace to come together and be on the local news. That completes step ten and the entire effort, Done!
Any questions just Email us.
We ALSO have great web tools for webmasters and FACBOOK page covers for your pages. To promote the Make Peace Movement