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 The MAKE PEACE MOVEMENT began grassroots, spreading world wide offering all a social, political, and creative tool: In the words of one Egyptian protestor: POLITICAL SOFT COVER and DENIABILITY in the face of state security forces, and a call away from extremism, giving voice to moderation and non violence”. This is the Make Peace symbol’s spreading effect, using Flags, Bandanas, it’s own world event day & joined now by tens of thousands, to become a global humanity “push forward, and push for greater good” internet network. We have a simple mission; “peace is made through individual, local & global real time efforts”. “To have Peace, make peace, takes real effort, work” Martin Luther King


The central insight we have gained and are building on is: “That peace is a necessity, NOT an option, like air, water, food and shelter. Why you ask? First have you ever lost sleep over a few days, a peaceful sleep? What happened to your ability to live, to function? So a peaceful sleep has value? What if you wished to raise a family, is a peaceful place, country etc. important? What if you also wished to build a community, economic means to nurture that family and life you have, would you prosper more in peace or war? Few prosper in war, especially long term wars, but the vast majority prosper in all ways, in peace. So this simple truth reveals a central important and necessary aspect of all lives, that over the decades of any lifetime, it is peace which defines most of any life worth living.


So explore our web site, see the diversity of uses coupled with  the  vast creativity, humor, ideas, serious writings, artworks, then GIVE YOUR SUPPORT or HELP spread the word and symbol. There are so many ways YOU can contribute to spread what is becoming a global proactive icon for the 21st century.